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The Justand V2/V2e

The Justand transforms your iPad into a scanner, a document camera, a video camera holder, a video conference center, a music stand, an iPad podium and much more!

We introduced the concept of the original Justand iPad Document Camera Stand over 7 years ago on Youtube (  It was quickly embraced by the education technology community and is now being used in classrooms throughout the US and around the world.  The original Justand is available now at and will remain in our product line for the forseable future.

Now take it to the next level with the new Justand V2!


So, what is the Justand V2?  It’s a unique and innovative iPad stand that adds functionality to your iPad and helps you utilize the iPad camera and existing apps. 

It's a Desktop Stand - Your iPad (or iPad Mini) instantly fits into the Justand and holds your iPad up nice and high, so that you aren’t crouched over the device as you use it.  Adjust the height of the holding arm for your optimal position. 

If you hit the camera tool, you can instantly turn your iPad into a document camera. You can use Apps such as Skitch to draw over your captured images.  Use a mirroring application such as Reflection App to project wirelessly from around the room.

Use Genius Scan to quickly scan your documents and instantly email the scanned documents out. 

The holding arm slides along the shaft to give you various throw distances and angles. It will even hold the iPad in such a way that allows you to use it along with a microscope.

If you need a video camera holder, simply rotate the Justand to the side and capture your presentations, classroom activities, trainings, or meetings. 

Tap on the reverse camera and use it for Skype sessions or other video conferencing activities.

We tried to cover every angle in our design, from flexibility, to ease of use, to instant mobility. The Justand will instantly adjust from an iPad mini on it’s side all the way out to a full size iPad in landscape mode even with a large protective case such as an otter box. So our design is fast, flexible, and will adjust to any iPad in just about any iPad case. 

When you’re ready to go, it folds down and can easily be carried away.

We provided a cutout for your iPad connection cable, an iPad stylus holder, a light option, a speaker option, a writing surface or dry erase surface option. 

It’s a Document Camera, it’s a scanner, it’s a video camera holder, it’s a video conference center, it’s a desktop stand, it’s a podium and it’s mobile. It’s the Justand V2.