Make your iPad® Pro even better with the Justand!

The Justand is the prefect accessory for the all-new iPad® Pro.  The iPad® Pro fits nicely on the Justand V2, Justand V2e, Justand Tall and Justand (original).  


iPad® Pro Floor Stand

The Justand Tall turns the iPad® Pro into a 48" tall podium, a music stand, and much more.  Slide the base of the Justand Tall under your chair and lower the height for a better viewing angle while sitting.  Move the iPad holding arm to "scanner" position to turn your iPad® Pro into a scanner or document camera.  Learn more and watch our video.

Justand V2 is a flexible, stable, creative desktop stand that will add functionality to your iPad® Pro.  Use the Justand V2 as a desktop stand, a desktop music stand, a scanner stand and much more!  When you’re ready to go, the Justand V2 folds down and can easily be moved around or packed away.  Learn more here.

Similar to the Justand V2, the Justand V2e is a stable desktop stand with lots of flexibility.  Unlike the Justand V2, the Justand V2e includes the electronics module and flexible light.  The electronics module includes 2 high-amperage USB ports at the base for charging and a flexible LED light to illuminate the base area while using the iPad as a scanner or document camera.  Learn more and see a video here.

The Justand (original) is simple, sleek, and made in America.  It's cut out of one large sheet of aluminum and powder coated with a high quality finish.  The Justand (original) comes in red or black and is an excellent accessory to your iPad® Pro.  Learn more here.