Educational Uses

  • Think creatively! The iPad® opens up many more opportunities than your old document camera has to offer. The Justand makes it easier to manage the iPad® in an instructional setting. Skyping with an author, astronaut or other educators around the world just became easier. Recording a frog dissection to post on your website for students to review later can quickly and easily be accomplished with the Justand. The possibilities are endless!
  • Annotate over the projected image.
  • Record a dissection or science experiment and annotate over the video (apps such as Coaches Eye).
  • Skype with an author, astronaut or educators and classes around the world.
  • Students/teachers can film, edit and produce their own movies.
  • Create and discuss mind maps and graphic organizers (several apps do this).
  • Explore the World with Google Earth or navigate the Solar System with Google Sky and Google Mars.
  • Take a virtual field trip!

    Never Buy Another Document Camera!

    Minimize cost while using more features of your iPad®. Justands are a fraction of the price of conventional document cameras yet give you the full benefits that the iPad® has to offer.

    Multiple Uses

    Justand is an iPad® stand for your desk, a Document Camera, a tripod, a video station and much more. Explore the possibilities using apps available on your iPad®. Think creatively! The iPad® opens up many more opportunities than your old document camera has to offer.


    Best of Quality

    Designed and manufactured in America, the Justand is made of thick, laser-cut aluminum with a constant torque hinge that gives teachers 180 degrees of firm adjustability. Justand was designed to fit the iPad® with almost any case in portrait or landscape orientation.

    Floor Stand

    Justand is a floor stand that's just the right height for younger kiddos in the smaller chairs. Rotate the Justand up to tripod mode, place it on the floor and younger students can enjoy desk-free iPad®/Tablet activities.


    Desktop Stand

    Don't forget that the Justand is an excellent desktop stand! It holds your iPad® or Tablet up nice and high in landscape or portrait mode, so that you don't have to slouch over your desk.


    Superb Quality


    It Fits!


    Fast Latch

    Justand is designed and manufactured in America using thick laser-cut aluminum.


    The Justand was designed to accommodate the iPad®, the iPad® Mini and most tablets with almost any case including keyboard cases.


    The sliding latch makes it very simple and fast to insert and remove your iPad® for teachers and presenters that are on the go.


    Charge While You Engage


    180 Degrees of Torque


    Innovation and Designed

    A charging slot is provided for charging while using the stand. This will also accommodate the use of Apple's video-out cables.


    180 degrees of movement gives you the functionality you need while presenting. Teachers and presenters can rotate their device all the way down to record the class, rotate up to record your lecture and then rotate up further to use as a document camera. You choose the angle to facilitate the activity.


    Justand is the first iPad® stand specifically designed to turn your iPad® into a document camera.