ProCart is the most versatile cart on the market.

ProCart is designed for a mixed-device environment. Fill it with 36 iPads, Tablets, laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks or a little bit of everything!


Large Bays For Lots of Storage

36 bays provide ample storage for all of your devices measuring 13.2" (D) x 10.4" (H) x 1.18" (W) or (336x264x30mm), it will fit a tablet with almost any case as well as Chromebooks, student laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks.

Easy Cable Management

ProCart makes cable management easy, with removable cable management modules.


Unrivaled Quality

Procomputing manufactures high-quality products built to last. We focus on functionality, durability, and high- performing electronics in every stage of production.

Fully Integrated Justand V2e iPad/Tablet Document Camera (optional)

The Justand transforms your iPad® or Tablet into a scanner, a document camera, a video camera holder, a video conference center, a music stand, an iPad® podium and much more!


Swivl Robot Cameraman (optional)

Move freely as Swivl follows you with 360° and 20° tilt using line of sight technology. Use any iOS or Andoid tablet or smartphone to capture video.

Flat Panel Mount (optional)

Add a flat panel TV mount for a mobile presentation station (up to 65” TV).